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Children’s Ready Print Face Masks – 2 pack


This Face mask has ready print cartoon for kids.
It is anti-dust, anti-fog and anti-spray.  There is double in each package. It is disposable facemask. Get 2 for £2.

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These Face masks have white under base with colorful cartoon of cars, dogs, cats, flowers and clouds illustrations.
They are 4 ply consisting of non-woven material on the outside print layer, with woven materials on the inside layers.
These face masks are suitable for children between age 4 – 8.
Non-washable, disposable face mask.
2 masks per pack



1. Help your child to put it on, specially the first time.
2. Stretch the unfolded mask.
3. Wear ear loops on both side.
4. Press the bridge of the nose and sides to make it more comfortable.

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