• K95 Facemask

Facemask with Valve


High Filtration, Anti-Microbial Fabric Mask With Filter Valve, which is also used by doctors and nurses. This facemask is now available for you.

This facemask fits age 10 – 20 years.

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During the Corona virus (COVID19) outbreak, it is important to stay protected and protect others, be safe by staying 2 meters apart when  in public places and wear a protective face masks to encourage safe practices. As of the 24th of July, it is compulsory to wear protective face coverings in public space and during the use of public transport, not doing so will result in a on the spot fine of £100.

High Filtration, Anti-Microbial Fabric Mask With Filter Valve’ is here as your friend for healthy breathing that comes with 5 in 1 protection. Using this face mask is sure to help you stay protected against any kind of microbes, dust, pollution, haze, allergens and any kind of illness causing germs, bacteria and viruses to be precise. This face mask comes with high filtration density that effectively lessens the inhalation of toxic substances and makes for reusable, light-weight and anti-microbial fabric mask.


It fights against 6 major pollutions in the air:



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