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Eid package


Ramadan and Charity go hand in hand and for this reason Famfabrix has created a package containing a luxurious collection of chocolate coated dates with a variety of stuffing that would appeal to all tastes. As part of the package we have designed an Eid inspired Mug inspired by Arabic Arts. Our Eid package contains one Eid Mug and 3 package of chocolate dates containing 6 luxurious chocolate coated dates in total.

Eid Package is now out of Stock. Famfabrix has reach the target for charity money collection. Thank you all the customers who bought the Mugs and chocolate dates. You have all been helpful. May you be blessed, for your good deeds.

Each pack will contain a random selection of the following available flavours and fillings:

Delicious Nutnuts: Filled with Nutella. Covered in dark chocolate and hazelnut.

Apricot de lux: Swiss Dark chocolate with apricot filling and coconut topping.

Dark chocolate: Peanut butter the one with chunks and dipped in dark chocolate, also white chocolate drip.

Crunchy Almond: Almond filling in milk chocolate and coconut topping.

Bright date: Raspberry and cashew dipped in white chocolate and covered with dried raspberry.

Pistachio bite: Pistachio and dipped in white chocolate, covered with pistachio.


(Please note: not suitable for Nut or Milk allergy sufferers)

Out of stock


Special occasion, during this Ramadan Famfabrix Company is doing charity work.

During this special month of Ramadan, the Famfabrix Company has been busy preparing this special gift set in the hopes to raise money for charity. Every gift set sold will have 60% of profits given to our chosen charity (Detailed further below). Give this Eid package as a gift to your dear family and friends in time for Eid. Enjoy drinking from the mug and eating the delicious dessert, while being aware that you are helping people in need. All you need to do is order this Eid package.



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