Miss Flack last word: Be Kind

From the TV episode Love Island, one host in her age of 40, was found dead after taking her own life in London, which happen in her own house.

Flack’s death has sparked conversation around online bullying and awareness of mental health and support.

After her death, people on social media began circulating a quote the presenter shared on Instagram in December that reads: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Caroline Flack and so many others have and still are struggling with their mental health. Things that effects the mental health is the pressure from media and from surroundings. We can help others by being kind and bring the awareness of them also to be kind. You can support people’s mental health by wearing this T-shirt and spread the word “Be kind”.

women wearing ms Flack Be kind 2
This is a model wearing the T-shirt “Be kind” quote and Caroline Flack picture on the T-shirt. Made by FAMFABRIX

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